Commercial Corporate Strategy

Setting the aims, goals, ethics, structure and ultimate objectives of the organisation.

There is no set solution that can guarantee success. The discussion and decision must come from the leaders of the business, they know the frailties and capabilities of the organisation far better than an external examination can, but it can be offer is objectivity; unbiased, uninfluenced by internal politics. The objective application of management philosophies, frameworks and appraisal tools can provide guidance and offer suggestions and potential solutions which are hard to see from within.

Finding, designing and developing a new corporate direction is never a simple black and white process. A myriad array of influencing factors will need scrutiny, both internal and external. Inevitably the information to hand will be incomplete, that which is available is potentially wrong. There are many ways and means which can help in obtaining, deciphering and interpreting company information.

At the end of the day the final decision will be made partly through analytics, partly through creativity and partly by ways of specialised expertise and intuition.

The creativity and specialist expertise iLunga can’t help with; the data gathering, cleansing and analysis it can, through:

  • selecting appropriate theoretical concepts and frameworks
  • benchmarked comparison to relevant industry leaders
  • highlighting contradictory or opposing indicators presented from the data
  • bring attention to conflict or potential bias within the organisation

There is no one set route that can be applied successfully to all, adaptability is vital, tools used to facilitate change, frameworks used to build a future structure, need to adapt to fix the organisation not the reverse where the business is expected to adapt to suit the theory.

Communication is a key element that is often omitted in the strategic process. The initial data and opinion gathering needs to have objectives clearly defined and passed through all layers of the organisation. Terminology used at board level is unlikely to be appropriate at the operations coal face. Although the specific objectives may differ the overall objective should appeal to all and be communicated in a fashion that can facilitate unanimous buy in.