Cloud Accounting

You need never be without the finance department.
You can take it anywhere & everywhere.

cloud Accounting systems aren’t what they used to be; one program, one license, one source of information. Cloud accounting software provides an alternative to this convention. Through clounting, all company financials can be accessed via personal devices; from a personal computer sat at the office desk to the computers we carry with us - smart phones and tablets.

cloud As well as providing constant mobile access to financial records clounting gives you:

No upfront capital expense for the application software licenses, hardware, server costs.

Scalability: you only pay for the time and (data storage) space you need. Software as a Service (SaaS) products are charged on a consumption basis. The pricing can change as your business changes. This Saves you from spikes in costs as you outgrow the existing system and have to migrate to another.

cloud Zero systems maintenance – the application and data storage is held on the SaaS providers’ premises and hardware, thus freeing you from having to deal with security patches, installing releases, integrating back office solutions etc.

No loss of control: although you don’t get to choose the update schedule you do keep the options to use or reject new functionality without causing impairment to the existing set-up.

Disaster recovery procedure taken care of: the daily, weekly, monthly, hardly-ever back-up and off-site safe secure storage of company financials is something that we know needs to be done but procrastination pushes back to tomorrow until the day arrives when you wish you’d done it yesterday. Your data is securely stored and processed on the providers’ servers, which are actively monitored and maintained with high level security.